Top 3 Wedding Dresses 2015


Top 3 Wedding Dresses 2015

文章lbug7575 » 2015 8月 12 (週三) 7:07 pm



Beautiful girls climate becomes day by day more pleasant, we can finally talk about the prelude summer ..! But let noi..Quello I'm going to offer today is the Top 5 of the dream dresses that have left an indelible mark in this 2015. After a thorough search of the most beautiful models of various Maison Bride most famous, here between many beautiful clothes I have chosen 5 to show it to you.

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In fifth place we find the designer dress Galia Lahav, designer born in Russia, the Collection "La Dolce Vita". Why I chose is called Florentina and is made of silk chiffon; the sleeves are embellished with small buttons, neck and cuffs are instead decorated with beads and crystals. A golden belt enhances the waist and the skirt has a slit slipped very pronounced.



In fourth place are the elegance and sophistication of Italian Nicole brides gown, dress princely mood, with a bodice embellished with crystals that continue until the wide skirt and voluminous, worthy of a true modern princess!



Approaching the summit, in third place could not miss a delightful short dress for brides most cheeky but who want to maintain an impeccable style and elegant. That's what I propose is a Pronovias dress in tulle entirely embellished with lace, flared, corsage neck wrap and transparency in the neckline, sleeves to the elbow. Drawstring grosgrain mo 'belt. And what do you think? Do not you find it wonderful?


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Re: Top 3 Wedding Dresses 2015

文章beautydesses » 2016 1月 31 (週日) 1:12 pm

That's really beautiful! I like your post. Thanks. And I want to learned more ball gown wedding dresses from here. Could you tell me something about ball gown wedding dresses.
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Re: Top 3 Wedding Dresses 2015

文章Charinthara » 2016 5月 10 (週二) 8:50 pm

Výsledkem je, že konstrukce nemůže být znovu ji použít.
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