Periodic Inspections of Commercial Buildings


Periodic Inspections of Commercial Buildings

文章Shawnturner » 2017 12月 04 (週一) 7:21 pm

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We are in the process of restructuring how we inspect commercial buildings and I'm trying to get a feel for whats going on in the industry.

Our code calls for inspections as close a possible to annually on all commercial buildings. That isn't possible. Some people in our administration want to get rid of annual inspections all together since the Fire Marshall inspects assembly and high hazard buildings. I'm comfortable with stretching it out to 2-4 years as long as there's no complaints or violations. I know that some cities inspect: if there's a change of owner, if there's a change of the occupant, every 2-6 years, and some don't do it at all. My questions are:

Do you perform periodic commercial inspections?
On what occupancies?

Please help.

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