Nouvel 贏得普立茲克建築獎


Nouvel 贏得普立茲克建築獎

文章Pedro Hsieh » 2008 4月 01 (週二) 1:17 pm


Nouvel wins Pritzker Architecture Prize

Tuesday, Apr 01, 2008, Page 7

Jean Nouvel, the French architect whose hyper-modern buildings have been acclaimed for their eclectic nature and departure from tradition, has won the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize, it was announced on Sunday.

Nouvel joins Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando and I.M. Pei in receiving the top honor in the field in recognition of his high-rises, museums and performance halls around the world.

"I think they understood very well that I fight for specific architecture against generic architecture," Nouvel said by phone from his office in Paris. "Every project is an adventure."

Nouvel, 62, became the second Pritzker laureate to be chosen from France after Christian de Portzamparc, the 1994 recipient.

A formal ceremony will be held in June at the Library of Congress in Washington. Nouvel will receive a US$100,000 grant and a bronze medallion.

The Pritzker jury of architects, critics, academics and others praised Nouvel for his "persistence, imagination, exuberance and, above all, an insatiable urge for creative experimentation."

Nouvel said his structures reflect time, place and occupants rather than simply adhering to any stylistic dogma or historical precedent.

"I think every site, every program, has a right to a specific work, to a complete involvement of the architect," he said. "I am always researching the missing piece of the puzzle, and I like to analyze the site and conditions and give my answer after."

Among the 200 projects singled out by the Pritzker jury were the Arab World Institute in Paris, which is festooned with motor-controlled apertures to control natural light, and the Guthrie Theater, a boxy structure in Minneapolis, Minnesota, equipped with exterior screens that show scenes from past performances at the storied playhouse.

Currently planned by Nouvel are a tower alongside New York's Museum of Modern Art that cuts a jagged profile to a height comparable to the Chrysler Building, and a narrow condo building dubbed the "Green Blade" in the Century City area of Los Angeles with verdant gardens visible behind its glass walls.

"He is an architect who is really always pushing the envelope, whose work is uneven -- all of us agree on that -- but his successes are so spectacular," said architectural historian and author Victoria Newhouse, a Pritzker juror.

Nouvel was born and grew up in southwest France. He became a movie fan early in life and still takes architectural inspiration from film, comparing an unfolding story to the way he wants people to experience moving through his buildings.

As a teenager, he wanted to be an artist but agreed to pursue a career as an architect as a compromise with his parents, who feared he wouldn't be able to make a living in the visual arts.


周日法國建築師Jean Nouvel與其超現代建築獲選為2008年普立茲克獎,Nouvel與Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando 及 I.M. Pei 同樣在高層建築、博物館和表演廳領域獲得此一最高榮譽。

Nouvel在電話訪問中談到:「我想他們非常了解我為非主流建築奮鬥的努力,每一件案子都是個冒險。」62歲的Nouvel是1994以來第二位法國人的普立茲克得主。評審團讚譽Nouvel的堅持、想像力、活力和對創意實驗無盡的努力 。Nouvel 說他的結構物不是單單將形式教條和歷史案例黏貼,而是反映了時間、地方與使用者。「我認為每個基地、每個計畫都有權利擁有特定的工法和建築師全程的投入。我總是在研究拼圖上遺失的那一小片段,我喜歡分析基地和實況之後提出回應。」

Victoria Newhouse 評審委員說:「他是一位盡力擺脫限制的建築師,雖然我們簡單的描述對比他的工作並不公平,但是我們都承認,他的成就斐然。」

Nouvel 在法國西南部出生成長,他早年是一位電影迷並持續從電影中取得靈感。就像開啟的故事書,他要人們經由在建築內移動體驗他的作品。Nouvel少年時希望成為藝術家,最終和擔心他無法餵飽自己的父母妥協而走上建築師生涯。

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該輪到他了, 密特朗會很欣慰的!

文章Guo » 2008 4月 01 (週二) 8:04 pm
他和Emmanuel Cattani1994合作的作品
把空間大剌剌騰出來給 一大片樹

”Of the many phrases that might be used to describe the career of architect Jean Nouvel, foremost are those that emphasize his courageous pursuit of new ideas and his challenge of accepted norms in order to stretch the boundaries of the field. [...] The jury acknowledged the ‘persistence, imagination, exuberance, and, above all, an insatiable urge for creative experimentation’ as qualities abundant in Nouvel’s work.

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